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8th Oakland International Film Festival Fact Sheet
October 4, 2009

Oakland Film Society
1428 Alice Street, SUITE 310 A & B
Oakland, CA 94610   510-451-3456


The Oakland International Film Festival celebrates its eighth year under the auspices of the Oakland Film Society with Executive Director David Roach, October 8-14, 2009.

The Oakland International Film Festival opens Thursday, October 8 with "Soundtrack for a Revolution" which is co produced by Bay Area Star, Danny Glover tracks the Civil Rights movement through music.  The film by Bill Guttentag and Dan Sturman include Wyclef Jean, John Legend, Joss Stone, Julian Bond, Congressman John Lewis, Harry Belafonte, The Roots and more.

The Oakland International Film Festival showcases "Life Outside the Pearl" starring Jimmy Jean Louis, "The Haitian" on NBC's "Heroes."  Jean-Louis will be in attendance at Maxwell's Saturday Night, the kickoff to Sunday's "Haitian Day" at the Oakland International Film Festival.

The Oakland International Film Festival highlights include a party at Maxwell's Saturday October 10 at10 p.m. until with Jimmy Jean-Louis; thought provoking panels at Merritt College, 12 noon 5:00 p.m., Saturday, October 10: The Idea- Writers Discuss; the Formula For their Madness; Putting the Deal Together; Finding Finance for your Production; Actor's Boot Camp; Music and the film business and The World of Animation. To find out more details, visit

The Oakland International Film Festival is multicultural screening films from around the world.  This year Leg and Wicket directed by Shashi Buluswar and Renato Velarde tells the story of how cricket builds a bridge over the troubled conflicted waters between India and Pakistan.

This year, several documentaries including, Buried in Earthskin (South Africa), Leg before Wicket (India Relations) Children of Kinishia ( Congo), The Tribe (Jewish awareness), Operation Small Axe (Oakland Freedom fighters), are made to educate the public about various issues happening right now; including the impact of media focus as shown "The Hood: Power, Guns and Money" by Bay Area filmmaker Jacquie Taliaferro.

The Oakland International Film Festival is more than art.  It brands Oakland as a destination for the Arts.  It adds to Oakland's prestige.  It brings commerce to the City.

The Oakland International Film Festival has screened more than 400 films giving visibility to over 400 filmmakers, producers and thousands of actors.

The Oakland International Film Festival has been a platform for many Bay Area celebrities such as Danny Glover, Shabaka Henley, Terri Vaughn, Carl Lumbly and others.

The Oakland International Film Festival has strongly supported independent Bay Area Film Makers over the span of its existence and is an avenue for up and coming  filmmakers to launch their careers.

The Oakland International Film Festival brands Oakland as a destination for the Arts.  It's an opportunity for Oakland, the Bay Area and the world to see and hear headlines contrary to the usual violence stories.

The Oakland International Film Festival provides forums for more than just film, panels and events are held to bring awareness such as environmental justice, food for the poor, and jobs for youth.

The Oakland International Film Festival provides awareness for Mo Better Food, a non-profit organization that connects the farming community and inner city neighborhoods in Oakland to provide fresh healthy food for low-income families.

The Oakland International Film Festival will continue its year round screenings and panels to include a Town Hall hosted by filmmaker Jacquie Taliaferro and Reverend Greggory Brown at Miracles of Faith Church, "Power, Guns and Money" themed with Taliaferro's film concept "The Hood: Power, Guns and Money."  The Town Hall will bring politicians, youth, educators, and the public together for peace driven solutions to turn around the violence and change the images of Oakland.  (TBD).

The Oakland International Film Festival thanks sponsors Comcast, East Bay Express, Clear Channel, CW Bay Area/CBS 5, Merritt College, Peralta Community College District, KPFA, Clear Channel, Golden Gate Litho, LaHitz Media, Caribelinq, Oakbrook, 101 Entertainment, The Vine, and AVC. 

For current and future sponsorship opportunities contact David Roach at 510 776 4178 or
Jackie Wright of Wright Enterprises  ( and LaHitz Media ( at 415 824 3990 or 415 525 0410 (cell).

The Oakland International Film Festival is a 501 c3.  Tax-deductible contributions are welcomed.   The work of David Roach, a Morehouse graduate provides food for thought via the Oakland Film Society and it's Oakland International Film Festival and food for low-income inner city communities.  For more information visit

(Wright Enterprises gives back to the community with pro bono support of the Oakland International Film Festival.)

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