November 18, 2017

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FB Message: Congratulations San Francisco's Terri J. Vaughn Directing #digitallivesmatter on BET
October 21, 2017



Joining Aunt Velma Landers as she is proud of her niece...San Francisco's Own Terri J. VaughnCongratulations on #Digitallivesmatteras you direct the show... Tonight at 8 p.m. BET Ya'll Check it Out! Will have to DVR as I'll be Celebrating Afro Solo's Thomas Robert Simpson"23rd Afro Solo Festival Gala & His Birthday...Congratulations all of you artists... Did you see Robin BatesConstance Bryan of Maison Americaine Noir at MoAd with Cornelius Moore of California Newsreel for screening of "Simieon!" Mrs. Mathabo Kunene is on the Arts Forefront in South Africa at the Nirox Words Festival today with launch of "Shaka the Great." Keep the arts flowing ya'll!…

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