December 15, 2017

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Snowball Express: You Can Be A Message from America to Families of Fallen Heroes
November 22, 2017

Be a Message from America.  During this Thanksgiving Season let the Families of Fallen Heroes Know you care.  Take a few minutes to send a message of Thanks! 

This note is  
not an ask for money, but it is an opportunity for you to inspire 
the children and families of America's fallen military heroes. 
 Thursday we will celebrate Thanksgiving. 
Please take a few minutes to thank the families of America's fallen heroes for their sacrifice.   
In the next few days, please take two minutes to write a few words of inspiration and thanks that will be read by the families of America's fallen heroes. 
Please send your message to:
Here are the details and simple instructions.

In just a few weeks we will host the largest gathering in the world of children and spouses of America's fallen military heroes. We will welcome nearly 1,800 family members for our annual program. These families will arrive at our host hotel to see their hero honored in a tremendous tribute, with nearly 1,350 nine-foot-tall American flags installed at the Hotel's sculpture garden and grounds.  One flag for each family's fallen hero. Affixed to each flag will be a personalized hero's tribute card. Each family will see their dad or mom, husband or wife represented and honored.
The wall of "Messages from America" will be installed along the flag line, so that our families will also see personalized messages from people across our great country. Messages of inspiration and hope that will help them heal, and realize how many people across America love and remember them. Below is our message wall design sample. We need you to add your message to the wall. Please, don't wait five days, take two minutes now and send your message to let them know that you haven't forgotten them, and that you appreciate their sacrifice.   Find out how below.
YOU can be a "Message from America"
It is Simple:
  • Be sure to add your name, company or group name, and city and state at the end of your message.
friends.  Please share this note with your friends and family.
YOUR message is important. 
Thank you for being a Message From America. 
Also visit for additional information about Snowball Express

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