September 19, 2018

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San Francisco Commissioner LaVaughn King Works To Stop Mental Health Services Stigma
July 6, 2018

San Francisco Commissioner, LaVaughn King, who has worked over ten years in grassroots efforts to help eliminate stigma around receiving mental health care, working with groups like NAMI, National Alliance of Mental Illness and others, shares e-news that can give insights to help individuals and families. 

As a Community Leader, King's work encourages families and individuals to get the help that is available through the San Francisco Public Health Department and other resources.  Working with SFPHD professionals like Wanda Materre, King has provided film screenings, lectures and other community gatherings to help prevent or resolve mental health crises.  

The following e-news is sent Courtesy to W.E. Spotlight From San Francisco Commissioner, LaVaughn King, Director of Reducing Stigma in the South East San Francisco RSSE at San Francisco Department of Public Health

Iím Just Tired: When You Dismiss Depression
by Kathryn Rose Wood
"I canít explain where Iíve been, and though everyone wants to understand, it doesnít mean they comprehend. They canít grasp where I am." Ė Kathryn Rose Wood
Beyond the Baby Blues: Anxiety and Depression During and After Pregnancy - by Rebecca Fox Starr
Recommended by OC87 Recovery Diaries
Rebecca Fox Starr's first book is a delicate and passionate work devoted to those who experience the joys and beauties of motherhood along with the pang and despair of anxiety and depression. Rebecca shares her own experiences candidly and with great strength in this moving book.
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