March 23, 2019

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San Francisco Writer Anh Lê Agrees President Trump is Holding Americans Hostage
January 9, 2019

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The President's Speech Does Not Address The Problem: Shutting Down Our Government Is No Way To Govern

By Anh Lê

The president's 10-minute speech to the nation is not intended to end his shutdown of the government, but will only lengthen it indefinitely. While blaming the Democrats for the government's shutdown, it is he who ordered the shutdown and smugly declared from its beginning that he owns it.

The president is holding the American people hostage, including the 800,000 Federal workers affected by it, through his autocratic rule. His assertion of one-man rule violates the democratic and constitutional system of government he is sworn to uphold. His demand as ransom from the American people to end the government shutdown is at least $5.7 billion for his "Wall."

A president holding the American people hostage is not governing. The American people must feel terribly ashamed and embarrassed that our democracy and great nation is being strangled by a despotic ruler who has no respect for a checks-and-balances system of government at all. What other nation on earth has a president or elected leader who rules her or his country by proudly declaring to shut their government down? Not one.

Speaker Nancy Pelosi's and Senator Chuck Schumer's response to the President's speech is the voice of reason. We must as Americans demand of the President and our elected officials to end the government shutdown now.

Anh Lê is a writer and independent journalist.

Copyright Anh Lê, January 8, 2019

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