June 2, 2020

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Age is the New Designer Drug: Activist/Author Barbara Rose Brooker at Commonwealth Club 2/19/20
January 27, 2020

News from Riki Rafner, Media/Public Relations Director, Commonwealth Club, Posted Courtesy of Wright Enterprises Community Spotlight~~

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Press:  To arrange interviews please contact rrafner@commonwealthclub.org.  Please rsvp by noon, Feb. 18 to rrafner@commownealthclub.org.

SPEAKER:     Barbara Rose Brooker, Activist, Author, Love, SometimesThe Viagra DiariesShould I Sleep in His Dead Wife’s Bed?

TITLE:            Age is the New Designer Drug: Ageism in our Anti-Age Culture

DATE:             Wednesday, February 19, 2020


TIME:             4:45 p.m. Networking Reception, 5:15 p.m. Program , 6:15 Book-Signing


PLACE:           Toni Rembe Rock Room, SF Club office, 110 The Embarcadero, San Francisco


PRICE:           $45 Premium Nonmembers (priority seating+book), $35 for Members, Premium (priority seating + book), $20 Nonmembers, $10 Members $8 students (with valid ID) Prices subject to change.


CONTACT:    Riki Rafner, Media/Public Relations Director, 415-597-6712.  Media interested in attending should please bring their business cards and RSVP to rrafner@commonwealthclub.org by noon day prior to event. 


Best-selling author, activist and performer Barbara Rose Brooker will share her personal  experiences with AGEISM in the Hollywood industry, our ANTI-AGE culture, and how to promote a generation where age doesn’t count!  She will underscore how we need to redefine age in our anti-age culture where she says that age is regarded as a “product” and not a “gift.”  She will also look at the challenges of blending into the LGBTQUIA community, an issue she addresses in her new novel Love, Sometimes.

Brooker’s latest best-selling novel, Love, Sometimes, published by Post Hill Press/Simon Schuster, is about risk, ageism in Hollywood, and controversial love. It is a tell-all about ageism in the Hollywood industry and how a passionate sixty-eight-year old author single-handedly fights ageism in the TV networks, risking fame, and fortune--finding true love with a gay, bi-racial much younger filmmaker. Brooker explores sexuality and emphasize how important it is to support and embrace the LGBTQIA community.  The book is being adapted for television, slated to air in 2021.


83-year old Brooker says age doesn't matter.  Brooker, who has appeared on numerous national and local TV Shows including; “The Today Show,” BRAVO’s “Watch What Happens,” “Live with Andy Cohen,” “Entertainment Tonight,” “OMG Insider” and “The Talk with Sharon Osbourne”  is the author of 13 books.  She has written several columns including Boomer in The City for the San Francisco J Weekly and Huffington Post.  Brooker is also the witty and “ageless” author of the international best-selling sensation, The Viagra Diaries, which was published by Simon & Schuster and sold in 13 foreign countries.  It also is in the process of being made into a television series.


As a pioneering advocate to construct a generation with age pride for ALL ages, Brooker breaks the “rules” when it comes to relationships in the Boomer-plus generation.  Brooker is currently at work on a new book about aging, love, and the importance of staying on your path of dreams at any age.  In addition to teaching creative writing at SFSU/Olli, the entertaining and charismatic speaker holds private workshops and seminars.         


As an activist Brooker is the founder of the first ever Age March in history to end age discrimination and has orchestrated three to date.  As a guest lecturer, she speaks regularly about age, ageism and her belief that everything is possible at every age.  Her goal is to foster a generation where numbers don't count.


“I don’t believe in age, only the spirit,” says Brooker. The native San Franciscan performs around the country, reading from her bestselling novels about women looking for love in the Boomer plus generation.  She holds her B.A. and MFA from San Francisco State University.


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