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Winning Warriors' Steph Curry Spices Up Giving Back & More Local & International Community News
January 2, 2017

Happy New Year from Wright Enterprises!  This W.E. Community Spotlight Newsletter, originally posted December 31, 2016, highlights "The Power of Giving" locally, nationally and internationally. Warriors' Steph Curry shows leadership off the court by impacting lives of people in need; The Mazisi Foundation of Durban, South Africa demonstrates in deed how the arts can make a substantive difference; Malibongwe Seniors, also of Durban, kick a ball around for health and inspiration; and W.E. reminds giving should not be for just one season of the year.  Giving benefits the giver as it transforms the receiver.  Don't just wait until the year-end to invest in community.  Read and be inspired!

Wright Enterprises-Community Spotlight
Wright Enterprises-Community Spotlight
News Release
Dec. 31,  2016
Have a Healthy and Prosperous New Year!
God bless  You to Achieve Your Destiny & Purpose!
Steph Curry & Family Spices It Up by Giving Back To Community
International Media TV's Johnnie Burrell Chronicles Unique Community Perspective 
Oakland-On December 27, 2016, Warriors Guard and NBA MVP Stephen Curry and his family teamed up with Beebe Memorial Cathedral, and international hunger relief organization, "Feed The Children" for their fourth annual event to provide 1,200 San Francisco Bay Area families with boxes of food and personal care items this holiday season. 
International Giving In the New Year...

If You've ever perused my website

then you know my brand ID "Community Service is the Cornerstone of Wright Enterprises" based on my conviction that "community service is the hallmark of good business." That's goes internationally as well.  Amid the wonderful business opportunities of the November CA Trade Mission in South Africa including being on the Essence Festival Durban dias; being interviewed by masterful news anchor Gugu Cele of CNBC Africa, establishing ties with Johannesburg-based Morehouse grad Garrett Webster of Team BTL and Durban based Brenda Dunn of Be Done Communications;  meeting U.S & South Africa based businessman Stephen Hightower of Hightower Petroleum Company; meeting officials of the Durban Chamber of Commerce; meeting Durban Chamber of Commerce officials and working with the team of Durban Mayor Her Worship Cllr Zandile Gumede's Governance & International Relations Department,  community service came to the forefront of great opportunities.
It was a love letter than caused me to fall in love with the work of Mazisi and Mathabo Kunene.  I looked upon the wall of the Kunene foundation as Vee Governor of Governor & Associates and Eric Apelgren Head of Durban's Governance & International Relations Department arranged the tour for LA-based filmmaker Damon Jamal (See his short of Kaepernick) and me.  It was that love letter; that interchange between then South African exiled UCLA Professor Mazisi Kunene to his partner in the struggle against apartheid, the mother of his children and the love of his life that opened my heart to see what else this man had to say.  And it was a lot, as this now deceased first poet laureate of President Nelson Mandela, made it his life's work to preserve the Zulu language in literature.  I stood mesmerized feeling like Julie Harris' character "Frankie" in Member of the Wedding, in love with love.   My visit had just scratched the surface of the great writer's work. 
What was so fascinating were the world ties of his work that included
The late South African Poet Laureate Mazisi Kunene with his love, Mathabo Kunene.
the U.S.; the United Kingdom; Japan;  and China to name a few.  Most fascinating was the on-the-ground work of the foundation based in Durban to assist young people with not only food for thought via educational program, but food and jobs in Mr. Kunene's hometown of Amahlongwa, South Africa.  Mrs. Mathabo Kunene, a wonderfully gifted chef and caterer in her own right, is doing a marvelous job with just a few assistants to digitize the work of Mr. Kunene and further develop the foundation.  Get just a glimpse of their work as it unfolds on the website:
And How About a Bunch of Grannies Taking the Ball and Running With It...
Malibongwe Service Center Founder and Coach of the Senior Soccer Team, Rona Dunn (center) has a candid moment with Malibongwe Champions on the campus of a Wentworth high school just before going in to support a youth anti-drug community celebration. (Photo by Marilyn Bernard of Independent Media)
Durban, South Africa- I call her the energizer Bunny, Rona Dunn, the widow of anti-apartheid South African Civil Rights Lawyer, Sydney Dunn.  She is the founder of the Malibongwe Service Center in one of Duban's toughest neighborhood. It boasts a formidable senior soccer team.
I met Ms. Dunn at the Essence Festival Durban Women's empowerment breakfast and it was an idea a minute every time Mrs. Dunn opened her mouth, possibility after possibility.  For a woman who is building the Malibongwe Service Center for seniors and their families, one cinder block at a time, making something out of nothing is in her DNA.
What could these zippers be?  

As Mrs. Dunn talked about the great arts and crafts of the seniors of the Malibongwe Service Center, it sounded like a great match to create a trade mission project with the San Francisco Chapter of the National Coalition of 100 Black Women's "Bridging the Generations" Workforce Development and Employment Program that has as one of its partners, The I.T. Bookman Community Center in San Francisco.

Purses Designed by Yvette

Jackie Wright, Wright Enterprises, delegate to the historic November CA Trade Mission to Durban South Africa gets Pointers from fellow seniors.

"Each one teach one" could have international implications as Durban's economically challenged neighborhood of Wentworth possibly sends its wares to the U.S. to be sold.       
The California Trade Mission 2016 hosted by the eThekwini Municipality/Durban was sponsored by:

The California Black Chamber of Commerce (, Council Member Allen Wayne Warren: City of Sacramento, Wright Enterprises, Roland Washington of San Francisco and V. Govender and Assoc. (@VeeGovender).
Article by Tanya Waterworth of the "Independent on Saturday."
As The Year Ends...Don't Forget to Give Back to Pay It Forward
It's always a good day to give year-end or in the New Year...

There are Much More Worthy Non profits.   Wish I could name them all, but Here are just a few "top of mind" organizations to consider:

Association of Californians for Community Empowerment

Housing Committee of San Francisco

Eviction Defense Collaborative

Media Alliance

National Coalition of 100 Black Women San Francisco

African American Shakespeare Company
 Afro Solo

San Francisco Black Film Festival

Oakland International Film Festival

The African American Tobacco Control Leadership Council
American Red Cross
Felton Institute/Family Service Agency of San Francisco

I.T. Bookman Community Center

Lorraine Hansberry Theatre

Mary Elizabeth Inn

Bayview Hill Neighborhood Association
 Bayview YMCA Primed & Prepped Culinary Program


San Francisco Bayview

Khan Academy

Boys and Girls Club of Oakland

Boys and Girls Club San Francisco

On-line Year End Giving ends at Midnight .... But Tomorrow's a Great New Day and New Year to Keep your gifts flowing for a brighter future for all.. "It's more blessed to give than to receive!"  Try it and See!
Have a Blessed & Healthy New Year!

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