May 26, 2019

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Forget Jussie Smollett & Billionaire Kraft & R. Kelly, Too...Remember August Wilson & Lorraine Hansberry Theatre Tonight
February 22, 2019

Courtesy of Wright Enterprises Community Spotlight~~

Wright Enterprises-Community Spotlight
(Greatest Message of All time)                       Press Release February 22, 2019
WOW, Van Jone says considering the level of his pain, "Grace and Redemption" are not to be forgotten when in comes to Jussie Smollett's self-serving lies (Yes, we know that the propagation of self-serving lies" is an example being set in very high places these days...self-serving lies? What else are they but self-serving?).
Jussie is Fired least from the taping of the final two episodes. Reading between the lines producers give themselves room for a comeback if he's found not guilty.
If reports are found to be true by the judicial system, It's a crying shame that one man's lies give some people reason to justify their racism in the wake of generations of lynching, robbing, stealing, raping and other atrocities against Black people in America.
The Black ancestors ask "is this what you do with your freedom?" I can hear rebuke in other Black neighborhood sayings, "educated fool;" "whose, child are you, anyway?;" "Where's your home training?;" "Your Momma taught you better than this;" "Somebody, come get your cousin."
Just Seen...thanks to Roland Martin's Tweet:
@VANJONES68 "Grace & Redemption" for Kraft as well? Black Smollett caught on tape allegedly lying. White Billionaire caught on tape in the alledged act of soliciting prostitution. "Pretty is as Pretty Does!" Drum roll....And the media coverage will be balanced? "If the shoe fits...."
Back to Chicago...
How will the Kraft story play out in media attention compared to R. Kelly Coverage?
Bad News is Bad News...
But one of the tenets of U.S. Legal System, "presumed innocent until PROVEN guilty" in a court of law, not public opinion.
"How I Learned What I Learned" is a must see. People are talking:
"It is sooooo good...Steven becomes August Wilson. Great staging and so very informative. I highly recommend it."
Cheryl Ward
Office of the President and General Manager, ABC 7

LHT Presents Steven Anthony Jones As August Wilson in "How I Learned What I Learned"
San Clara County Board of Supervisors
to Honor Roy L. Clay Sr.
Mr. Roy Clay, Sr., an African American pioneer in the area of computing and technology, will be honored by President Joe Simitian on Tuesday, February 26 at the Santa Clara County Board of Supervisors meeting in San Jose at 9:30 am., 70 West Hedding.  He is being recognized for his distinguished service in Silicon Valley and beyond. Mr Clay began his career at Hewlett-Packard In the early 60s. His illustrious career has been documented in film and numerous newspapers articles and he was inducted into the Silicon Valley Engineering Hall of Fame along with Bill Hewlett and Dave Packard. He also served on the Palo Alto City Council including as Vice Mayor. This news item courtesy of Gloria Young, former Clerk of the San Francisco County Board of Supervisors. More about Roy L. Clay Sr. from Black Enterprise. (Corrected)
Maison Noire Américaine in Partnership with MoAd February 28th. Click the image for more information.
Mayor Sylvester Turnerpresented a Certificate of Honor to George Moll at Houston City Hall Wednesday, February 20, 2019 commending his actions chronicled in the film named after the 2014 Arlington National Cemetery ceremony, "Love Separated in Life...Love Reunited in Honor" directed by Jackie Wright of Wright Enterprises and Jack LiVolsi of Jackson Media Partners. The film won the 2018 Houston International Film Festival Gold Remi Award for Short Documentary. Click here for more about the film.
With less than two weeks notice, George Moll attended the "Love Separated in Life...Love Reunited in Honor" ceremony at Arlington National Cemetery.
Sp5 Wyley Wright Jr., a Fallen Vietnam Hero who was exhumed after 50 years from a segregated cemetery in Florida and reburied at Arlington with the wife of his youth, Ouida F. Wright. Moll served with Wright in 1963 when he was 19 years old at Vinh Long, Vietnam, home of the 114th Aviation Company, which named its compound "The Shannon Wright Compound" for helicopter pilot 1Lt Kenneth A. Shannon, who died March 15, 1964 and Wright, a helicopter crew chief, who died March 9, 1964.
Pictured: Robert Dembo III, Outreach Specialist, Houston Mayor's Office of Veterans Affairs; Jackie Wright; Daughter of Vietnam Fallen Hero Sp5 Wyley Wright Jr. & Ouida F. Wright/Filmmaker; Mayor Sylvester Turner; George Moll, Disabled Vietnam Veteran & Diana Moll, wife; and Dr. Steven Hall, Director Mayor's Office of Veterans Affairs.
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Bay Area Media Commemorates the Life of Artist Eugene White
Thank You NBC Bay Area, SF Bayview Newspaper and SF Weekly for Leading the Coverage. Click the image to see the NBC TV report.
Pictured: Community Activist Lynnette White with Activist and Artist Eugene White. Their Love and Work in San Francisco spanned nearly 50 years!
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