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San Francisco Bayview Newspapers Pays Tribute to Jeff Adachi, Gives OUSD Teacher Strike Updates, With News From Venezuela & More
February 26, 2019

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Come back home to sfbayview.com – new site launching now

It’s glorious! Not perfect yet, so please tell us when you encounter a glitch, but we have a beautiful new website that you can read on your phone with a homepage that’s exciting to explore on a laptop or desktop. Come home to www.sfbayview.com today!

Help me thank SF Black Film Festival Director Kali O’Ray for designing the new site and migrating more than 7,000 stories to it with few mishaps. We highly recommend him not only for web design but all kinds of graphic design work. We’re grateful, too, for the wise guidance of Linda Parker Pennington, Wanda Sabir, Jahahara Alkebulan-Ma’at, Barry Hermanson, Nube Brown and others who have helped navigate the Bay View through some rough waters lately.

Show the Bay View some love! We’re back to broke after that wonderful windfall from the National Prison Strike last fall. And we’re back to having no staff. Amani Sawari, who I’d hoped to pass the torch to, was awarded a $50,000 Roddenberry Fellowship to work with Jailhouse Lawyers Speak on a Right2Vote Campaign; we congratulate her and will help her promote that very worthy cause.

So we’re facing the deadline for the March Bay View paper with no funds on hand. Money is earned for ads but not yet paid. The immediate priority is $3,400 for the printer so we can schedule a print date. Can you help? If you can place an ad for March, call me right away, at 415-671-0789.

If you can donate anything at all, here’s how:

·         Donate at https://sfbayview.com/support/ by hitting the DONATE button;

·         Donate to “Keep the BayView newspaper in print” athttps://www.gofundme.com/keep-the-bayview-newspaper-in-print;

·         Mail a check or money order to SF Bay View, 4917 Third St., San Francisco CA 94124-2309; or

·         Call me with a credit card donation at 415-671-0789.

Interns and volunteers needed: Until we can find a way to make the Bay View sustainable, we’ll need help from students who want real-world experience and folks who want to work on one of the few papers on earth whose core readers – and writers – live in the hood or in prison. Much of this work can be done remotely. Here are some of the skills we most need:

·         Story poster: A wonderful woman who posted nearly all our stories – almost 4,000 of them – to the web for the past several years has retired. She did a magnificent job, took not a dime and insisted on anonymity. Please join me in thanking her profoundly. WordPress experience is a plus for this fun but challenging job.

·         Sales, marketing, social media: Advertising is the lifeblood of a newspaper; while it’s true many big advertisers have cut back on print ads, there are plenty of business owners and event planners who need to be reminded that ads grow businesses and events, so the benefits outweigh the cost. Marketing and social media promotion are skills many students are eager to master. They can let their imaginations fly at the Bay View.

·         Bookkeeping: Are you or do you know a bookkeeper who’s very familiar with QuickBooksOnline? I badly need your help. I have a mountain of data entry to do by tax time.


Is the Bay View worth saving? The soul of the Bay View is its stories. They are powerful. They haven’t moved mountains, but they’ve removed the old PG&E power plant that used to poison our neighborhood, exposed radiation dangers at the Shipyard a decade before the mainstream media, “caused” according to the California Department of Corrections the hunger strikes joined by 30,000 prisoners at their peak, and supported countless organizers and initiatives bold enough to build a better world. Turning 80 in a few days, I need your help to ensure that the Bay View outlives the Ratcliffs.

Mary Ratcliff

From Muhammad Speaks to ‘Soul on Ice,’ Black remains Beautiful The Grandassa Models were the foot soldiers and ambassadors for the Black Is Beautiful Movement. Initially, they were a group of eight Black women of who wore their hair in its natural state and modeled fashion for the world to see “Black Is Beautiful” in a new way. Eldridge Cleaver wrote from San Quentin adulating Black women with natural hair.

Bomani Shakur from Ohio’s Death Row: Racism is evil – kill it! They won’t cut your fingers off these days, or hoist your body over a bonfire; worse, they’ll give you what appears to be a fair trial, then find you guilty with no evidence to support the verdict, then throw you in solitary confinement for decades (until you either lose your mind or exhaust your appeals), then strap you down to a gurney and pump poison through your veins – and, worst of all, after all is said and done, they’ll call it justice!

In Venezuela, white supremacy is a key to Trump’s coup  I can explain what’s going on in Venezuela in photos. Guaidó’s party members in the National Assembly are overwhelmingly light-skinned. The Congress members who support elected President Maduro are nearly all of a darker hue.

Reflections of an Oakland Unified School District teacher on strike – Day 3 Frustrated parent: “So what is it that teachers want? Is this just for more pay?” Teacher: “The district is sitting on $30,000,000 and there are times teachers don’t even have paper and toner for the printers. We don’t have paper towels in the staff lounge. Classrooms don’t have textbooks.”

Stand with the People’s Uprising in Haiti In this time of rebellion, crisis and repression, we send our support to the people of Haiti. It is a time for our voices to be heard, for the silence around Haiti to be broken, and for a dramatic increase in solidarity. Stand with Haiti Saturday, March 2, 3-5 p.m., Eastside Arts Alliance, 2277 International Blvd, Oakland.

13 youths killed by police in Rio de Janeiro favela Thirteen youths were killed by police in the Fallet-Fogueteiro favela in Rio de Janeiro in early February 2019.

Reflections of an Oakland Unified School District teacher on strike – Day 2Attendance across the district was down to 3 percent on Day 2 of the Oakland Teacher Strike. If we were calculating grades, 3 percent would be a super F. OUSD gets an F-. Their attempts at sabotage were futile!

As U.S. intervention germinates in Venezuela, we must not forget the implications for Haiti The people can smell the miasma surrounding U.S. intervention in Venezuela and Haiti – and they know more than ever that the fate of both nations is directly tied to global struggle against U.S. contemporary colonialism and imperialism. That’s why Haitians have taken to the streets.

Turn Urban Shield into a peacetime mobilization Bay Area activists have been objecting to Urban Shield, the nation’s largest Homeland Security-funded weapons expo and counter-terrorism drill, since 2013. On Tuesday, Feb. 26, at 11 a.m., the board will meet to consider task force recommendations to change the event from a SWAT-focused police militarization convention to a natural disaster-focused community recovery and resilience event.

Urgent message to the political and social forces of the continent: Stop Trump’s onslaught in Venezuela As the Declaration of the Revolutionary Government of Cuba emphasizes, “the escalation of pressure and actions of the United States Government to prepare a military adventure disguised as a humanitarian intervention” not only constitutes a real threat against the Bolivarian Revolution, but it entails a real danger for continental peace.

Jeff Adachi, 1959 – 2019: ‘When Jeff had your back, you felt safe’ Public Defender and dedicated activist for criminal justice Jeff Adachi has passed. Jeff began in 1987 as a deputy public defender and, through his drive and dedication, became a five-time elected Public Defender for San Francisco. He set a goal to create an agency that would become a guiding light for all other offices around the country. It worked.

Reflections of an Oakland Unified School District teacher on strike – Day 1Wednesday, Feb. 20 - My face was (and still is) all broken out because I was hella stressed out. Hella. We knew the strike was coming, so we planned. My identical twin sister, Kehinde Salter, and I were in the throes of planning the solidarity site for students at Madison Park Academy (MPA). MPA is the school our children attend and the OUSD school where I am a full time performing arts teacher.

Strike preparations of an Oakland Unified School District teacher In the grand scheme of things, I suppose I am not that unique and neither is this strike. I am one of thousands of teachers participating in one of many strikes nationwide to obtain a high quality education for our students. Nevertheless, my situation is unique in that I am viewing this strike through a very special lens.

Lady Mem’fis passes, leaving fans and family ‘Expressions of a Legacy’ Lady Mem’fis, also known as Jacqueline Ruth Johnson, passed away Saturday, Feb. 9, 2019, at 6:12 a.m. at Home Sweet Home in Daly City, California, age 73. Memorial service is Friday, Feb. 22, 11 a.m., at San Francisco Christian Center. The repast will be 1 to 3:15 p.m. at the African American Art and Culture Complex.

Earthquake at the Fillmore Heritage Center There was a whole lot of shaking going on Saturday, Feb. 16. The Fillmore Heritage Center Equity Partners are causing the ground to shake with the ongoing success of the events they are giving. This last event shook the entire Bay Area with the soulful sounds of Tony! Toni! Tone! during two packed shows.


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