July 19, 2019

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Nancy Pelosi Prays for Trump Amid Fake Drunk Video, PUSHTECH 2020, Stephen A. Smith on Klay Thompson, SF Black Film Festival & More
May 24, 2019

Wright Enterprises Community Spotlight~~~

Wright Enterprises-Community Spotlight
Wright Enterprises-Community Spotlight
(Greatest Message of All time)                                             

"Trump's family and staff should stage an intervention. I pray for the president. I pray for this country."  In a power to the people moment, Pelosi talks about President Trump's walk out during a meeting on infrastructure calling him a "Master of Distraction."
San Francisco Black Film Festival Tradition Stands Strong...XXI Strong
Click Image to Find Out More
And Is needed more than ever...
As one considers the recent headlines generated by the Pew Research Center's "Views on Race 2019" and it's related "Americans See Advantages and Challenges in Country's Racial and Ethnic Diversity," the vision of San Francisco Black Film Festival Founder, Ave Montague comes into view with even more focus.  
As Ave Montague began twenty-one years ago, her vision was to create an even playing field for independent filmmakers to create films for, by and about the
See the SFBFF XXI films at www.sfbff.org.
worldwide African Diaspora in a space where everyone was welcome, no matter the race.   Her legacy of promoting better racial understanding continues with her son, Kali O'Ray and daughter in law, Katera Crossley.  The San Francisco Chronicle article a few years back gives a glimpse of the generational vision in "The San Francisco Black Film Festival Isn't Just for One Race. Visit www.sfbff.org to see the line up for this year's San Francisco Black Film Festival, XXI, June 13-16.  
To support the vision go to www.sfbff.org and click donate.  To become a sponsor, find out about sponsorship levels by clicking here
Bay Area Business
U.S. Representative Barbara Lee Among Leaders at Sold-Out PUSHTECH 2020 @ Google Sunnyvale and Salesforce San Francisco
Click Image for more details of May 30-31 event at Google in Sunnyvale and Salesforce in San Francisco. (News courtesy of Dr. Joseph Bryant Jr. and Butch Wing.)
There's Plenty of Space at AAEN's Inaugural Black Virtual Career Fair
May 30th
Click Image for More Details.(News Courtesy of 
International Business
Business Expert's spot on "A Complete Guide to Starting a Business"
is an effective tool wherever you are in the world and especially if you are thinking of expanding to the UK.  Why not? Merkle did?  Across the pond relationships can be quite fruitful. Get out of the box and "across the pond." By the time you Skype, Facetime, Zoom, set up your international website...You can do this!  Thanks again, Kate, on my first review I got two ideas for "nurturing" my business! That's Templeton, not Middleton...but royal ideas nonetheless! J.W. 
Special Thanks to Kate Templeton, Business Outreach Manager, 
Business Expert-UK for sending W.E. this great resource.
South Africa-An International Opportunity
Click Image for Details
Congratulations, Warriors! 
Deanna Roberts (D.R. Roberts Events Management, Inc.) , Loved your FB Coverage of the games
Click Image to Hear Ye Hear Ye... I mean For Real?! "No Klay, No Way!"
But ok Ya'll, Klay Thompson not making the All-NBA Game, with all due respect to all who did, I'm saying what First Take's Stephen A. Smith is sayin'.....  For real ya'll... what did Malcolm say? "Robbed, bamboozled and led astray..." Oh Naaw!  No Klay?  NBA, You Got Clay Feet!  I'm jus' sayin'!
"Elementary, My Dear Watson"
Oakland Teenager, Angela Watson, takes next steps with San Francisco Ballet as a star of tomorrow.
Not Exactly...in more ways than one.  Angela Watson's rise as an excellent ballerina is not elementary in the sense of being easy.  Elemental to her great performances at a young age is her determined talent and the support of her parents, Dr. Geoffrey Watson and Carolyn Watson.  
By the way, British author, Arthur Canon Doyle, never penned "Elementary, my dear Watson."  The phrase was popularized by the 1939 film "The Adventures of Sherlock Holmes."  Doyle, did write, "Ah! my dear Watson, there we come into those realms of conjecture, where the most logical mind may be at fault."
Hola! Enjoy Carnaval This Weekend in San Francisco
May 25th & 26th 
Click Image for Details

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San Francisco Mayor London N. Breed, along with Supervisor Aaron Peskin, today introduced legislation to expand the number of electric vehicle (EV) charging stations in San Francisco parking facilities and unveiled a roadmap to achieve 100% emission-free transportation by 2040.
"The occupant of the White House lashing out at and condemning the four Congresswomen of color by using language which is racist and xenophobic further deeply divides our country and fans an extremist “whites only” ideology," says Anh Lê, a writer and independent journalist based in San Francisco.
The San Francisco Black Film Festival, "Healing the World One Film At A Time," launched its 2019 program with a media briefing and tribute to the Late San Francisco Public Defender Jeff Adachi, "A Champion for the People" at Cinemark Century 9 & XD at San Francisco's Westfield Centre. The briefing included information about the 80 films of the festival and the screening of "Jeff Adachi Filmmaker & Friend of The San Francisco Black Film Festival" directed by Jackie Wright; "Disparity: A Tale of 2 PUSHAZ" directed by Justin Givens; and "Neko Wilson Social Bio Video" by Raj Jayadev. Click the headline to see the complete films and read news coverage of Actor, Activist, & Humanitarian Danny Glover, testifying on Juneteenth before Congress about reparations.
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