December 5, 2019

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Toilet Paper Drive?! They're Going to Paper The White House?! What About INF Missiles Treaty?
August 1, 2019

California Chamber of Commerce News Posted Courtesy of Wright Enterprises Community Spotlight-SIGN UP ~~~

"OMG! Going too far!  They are going to paper the White House or DELIVER hundreds of thousands of rolls of toilet paper to the President for calling African Nations "___hole" countries.  Enough with the name calling and sandbox kindergarten antics. Stop with the "tit for tat!" My goodness the INF Treaty ends August 2.  We've got bigger concerns.  All those thoughts came rushing through my mind as I read the California Black Chamber of Commerce headline "Toilet Paper Drive."

As my face was flush with momentary outraged disbelief and raised eyebrows,  I clicked the link and it was a legitimate call to action to help nonprofits.  One small step to make a difference.  Relief followed by extreme concern set in.  How quickly had I jumped to conclusions over a headline and in today's climate (with no climate accord agreement in place for US) how easy would it be for US or Russia, with the resume of hacking our sacred votes, to cause a nuclear strike with no INF Treaty intervention. The world has lost time Something to consider as we collect toilet paper.  Hear this report on INF from PRI, The World: " Jackie Wright, President of Wright Enterprises.

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