November 14, 2019

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Racial Equity Summit, Pleasant Hill, 11.6.19, LeaderSpring Center to host
October 30, 2019

News from Sandra Varner, Varner PR & Community Engagement posted courtesy of Wright Enterprises Community Spotlight~~~

 How do you define Racial Equity & Inclusion?




Pleasant Hill, CA, October 29, 2019 – On Wednesday, November 6LeaderSpring Center (LSC) will host a day of training for organizational leaders, Centering Racial Equity: A Vital Board Summit.  The event runs from 9:00 am to 4:30 pm, Pleasant Hill Community Center, 320 Civic Drive. 

Targeting CEOs and executive board members, this immersive summit is designed to address the long-standing challenge of racial diversification and inclusion.

Research findings at, highlight this critical need in “Leading with Intent: 2017 National Index of Nonprofit Board Practices.”

This national study--of 1,300 nonprofit organizations and 1,700 leaders--reports that 90% of both Chief Executives and Board Chairs, and 83% of all Board members are Caucasian.

According to the report, although 65%  of Executive Directors in the study indicated somewhat to extreme dissatisfaction with the racial diversity of their board composition; board diversification was not prioritized. The report also indicated that these percentages and attitudes have not changed since 2014.

Importantly, the report states--

“A Board’s composition impacts how it leads. At the most fundamental level, who serves on a board impacts how it functions and the decisions it makes. While board composition is not one-size-fits-all, a board that is homogeneous in any way risks having blind spots that negatively impact its ability to make the best decisions and plans for the organization. The blind spots created by a lack of racial and ethnic diversity are particularly concerning, as they may result in strategies and plans that ineffectively address societal challenges and inequities, or even reinforce them.”   

Locally, LSC’s Board Summit will provide space for Chief Executives and Board Executive leadership to advance individual learning about racial diversity, equity and inclusion, and tools and practices to implement in order to create more diverse boards that advance a culture of equity and inclusion.

ABOUT LeaderSpring Center (LSC)

LSC is a 22-year old equity-driven social impact intermediary with a mission to foster a powerful equity-driven social sector through strengthening leaders and organizations, developing communities of leaders and by transforming the systems in which they work. Our vision is that leaders, organizations, and communities in the social sector achieve their promise and potential to create a healthy and equitable society.

LSC’s Impact Consulting advances the missions and goals of social sector organizations, foundations, public agencies, and private companies by offering leadership capacity building to strengthen the leadership competency of their internal leaders, respective grantees and clients. LSC creates customized services for its clients, addressing internal and external challenges and optimizing opportunities for mission impact.

The acclaimed organization has long held equity and inclusion as a core value, offering leadership capacity building to over 300 diverse leaders and their organizations through its flagship 2-year Fellowship.

The organization’s executive team members are available in advance for media interviews; additionally, prior to and during select intervals during the summit.

LeaderSpring Center (LSC) offers demonstrated leadership, which puts forth this assertion:


Equity and inclusion are 21st Century core leadership competencies


 Press Relations:Sandra Varner, Varner PR & Community Engagement


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