January 27, 2020

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Happy Thanksgiving Everyone...Special Salute to Military Families
November 28, 2019

From Wright Enterprises Community Spotlight~~~

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Wright Enterprises-Community Spotlight
Wright Enterprises-Community Spotlight
(Greatest Message of All time)                                       



There is nothing like being home for the holidays.  The U.S. Military and their families are gratefully appreciated for all they do to make the world safe for their families and others.  
The menu below from Thanksgiving from the Vietnam War is a reminder of the sacrifices soldiers make. Brigadier General Joseph Warren Stillwell's words are fitting even now for those still fighting the twenty year Afghanistan War and other War on Terror battles as we enjoy Turkey, Football and Parades today to commemorate the first Thanksgiving.
28, November 1963
On this Thanksgiving Day, let us appreciate all that we, as Americans, have.
The family separations and sometimes arduous conditions we face are temporary discomfort which all men have had to suffer to promote a lasting freedom.  These hardships that we now endure and our every day efforts will effect the type of world in which our loved ones will live.  We should be thankful that we have the opportunity to determine whether our families, our country and the free world will remain free.
In addition, I personally give thanks for the fine job that you are doing.  I hope you are as proud of yourselves as I am of you.
J.W. Stilwell
Brigadier General , U. S. Army Commanding
Our Father, we bow before thee, overwhelmed by the many gifts before us.  Teach us to be ever mindful of all thy mercies with which our lives are daily blessed.  Accept the Thanksgiving of our hearts for this food now before us.  In thy name, we pray.
This Thanksgiving menu sent by Sp5 Wyley Wright Jr. to his wife, "Ouida, the Love of My life" was an encouragement to her that the military was doing all it could to give soldiers a touch of home as they fought for the cause of freedom.  The short documentary by Jackie Wright of Wright Enterprises and Jack LiVolsi of Jackson Street Partners, that shared their special bond was recently screened at the Jacksonville Film Festival at the historic San Marco Theatre. (Click image for information about the screening).

One can only imagine the importance of the ritual of Thanksgiving for soldiers so far from home back in 1963, especially in light of the sad fact their Commander in Chief, President John F. Kennedy had been shot to death in Dallas, Texas, the week before Thanksgiving. Those small touches of home are important in any war.
Soldiers (Women & Men) Thanks For Your Giving!
Veterans Day is Everyday for The Military and Their Families
For But for Some Soldiers and Their Families 
Everyday is Veterans Day & Memorial Day

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