June 2, 2020

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Should Wal-Mart Decide If You Are A Criminal?-Media Alliance Asks
May 6, 2020

Posted Courtesy of Wright Enterprises Community Spotlight~~~

We need your help to stop a dangerous bill in California's state capital.

Assembly Bill 2261, authored by Socal Assemblyman Ed Chau would authorize the rampant use of facial recognition throughout California.

The bill allows a private company to deny service to you if you refuse to consent to facial recognition and to keep your face image in their database for up to three years. 

Even if you don't consent, the business may proceed if, in its sole untrained judgment, it has "probable cause" to think that you may commit a crime.

It allows known facial recognition users like Macy's, Best Buy, and Wal-Mart to assemble private blacklists and enforce them with biased and inaccurate technology after performing minimal and pro forma paperwork. 

This bill, amazingly authored by the Assembly's chair of the Privacy and Consumer Protection Committee throws privacy rights and consumer protection overboard and robs you of any control over your most personal and private possession: your own body.

We can stop this bill, but we must speak up right now. Chau's committee will be hearing the bill on May 5, and then it goes to the Appropriations committee, which can stall it. 

Write to the Assembly right now to say Californians are not having it.

We will not let the pandemic be used to try to slip through pervasive face surveillance and enhanced corporate control. 

This action is hosted at Media Alliance and will not result in any email from any other organization. 

We literally cannot do it without you. 

Our work is done on behalf of our members. All the time. Pandemic or no pandemic., 

Become a member of Media Alliance or renew. Low-income annual memberships are $35, standard memberships are $60, supporting memberships are $120, and anchor memberships are $300. Other amounts welcome. You can set up monthly recurring debits for $5, $10 or $25 monthly. 

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