September 19, 2021

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Susan Brown Hosts "Beyond the Fog" Podcast
February 17, 2021

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Podcast Launched 2/17/2021

Beyond The Fog Radio was born out of the desire to connect with people and to celebrate the rich histories, stories, and culture of the Bay Area, especially during this time of lock downs and isolation.  We believe the people who make San Francisco the drivers and incredible city it is are the ones who can best tell her story.

Susan E. Brown, Jae Yee, and Michaela Joy O'Shea are the minds and voices behind Beyond The Fog Radio.  Brown is a documentary film director, and owner of company "Beyond the Fog," which organizes specialized and custom tours of San Francisco; she is also the podcast's producer. Yee is the owner of J Bodyworks, a gym with a focus on injured athletes, as well as Swerv Studios, a media company; it was Yee's phone call to co-hosts Brown and O'Shea that started Beyond the Fog Radio.  O'Shea owns an operates a photography company, Michaela Joy Photography.  The varied backgrounds of Beyond the Fog Radio's hosts means they can all bring different and invaluable skills to the project, as well as their people-focused businesses preparing them for such a personality driven endeavor.  Brown, Yee, and O'Shea interview a wide variety of San Francisco luminaries, and capture the history of the city against the backdrop of a pandemic on a scale not seen for at least 100 years.

Beyond the Fog Radio's first guest is Rodney Fong, the CEO and President of the San Francisco Chamber of Commerce.  Fong is a fourth generation San Franciscan whose grandfather started the Fisherman's Wharf Wax Museum in 1962; in addition, he discusses the neighborhoods of North Beach and Chinatown.

Also recently interviewed was Shelley Bradford Bell, the former Vice President of the Environmental Commission, and former President of the Planning Commission.  Bell discusses living in Lower Nob Hill, and the French inspired culture and architecture of downtown San Francisco.

Another interviewee, Ellen Schumer, is the San Francisco docent and historian for City Hall.

We are so excited to bring you unique Bay Area stories on everything from food, dance politics, music, history, and literature, to civil rights and social justice.  Come explore San Francisco beyond the expected, beyond the mundane, Beyond the Fog.

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