September 19, 2021

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San Francisco Grassroots Organizations Grappling with Recent Violence
May 28, 2021


Dear Community:

Homicidal violence is extremely difficult to discuss in our families and communities. On May 15th the Potrero Annex and Terrace community experienced three victims of violence resulting in two fatalities, Daryl HaynesTerrance, and Randy Armstrong . Many of us knew, loved, and grew up with the deceased. We lovingly know Randy as “Big Black”.  

Some of you are mothers, fathers, aunts, uncles, grandparents, cousins, and siblings and understand how unsettling it is to lose a loved one, especially to a violent crime. We understand that many are grieving because of the tragic loss of three human beings, who did not deserve this outcome for their final day. HOPE SF and the Housing Authority are grieving with you. 

The family, along with support from SVIP, Stand In Peace International, HOPE SF staff, Supervisor Walton and many resident leaders hosted a safe and beautiful candlelight vigil Saturday the 22nd on Connecticut St. We are engaging with community stakeholders, experts, spiritual leaders,  and counselors to provide sensitive and culturally relevant services to any persons who seek assistance.

Our heartfelt condolences and deep sympathy are extended to all family members, friends, and loved ones who are affected by this horrible incident.

Please do not hesitate to contact the SFHA for any reason. We are ready to assist you.

Wellness Support and Property Management Outreach

For service providers impacted by the incident, they may contact Stephanie Felder directly. They need not use the crisis line. We strongly encourage service providers and property management partners impacted by the incident to request and receive whatever support is necessary.

The Community Wellness Program offered drop-in hours and refreshments on Monday (5/17/21), Wednesday (5/19/21), and Monday (5/24/21) from 10-5 pm for the community to encourage space to just be or check-in privately with someone from our Behavioral Health Team. Our CHAMP team sought out individuals in the community to offer support and food. The Behavioral Health team leveraged relationships with other Community Based Organizations to connect with families directly impacted by the violence. We'd like to give a huge shout-out to Uzuri Pease Greene who connected our team with impacted residents and served as a bridge.  Our clinicians provided in-person debrief services to several families and will be following up to find ways to support their family's healing.

Law Enforcement Community and Incident Response

We are grateful to law enforcement for the rapid response to the tragic incident, and their visible presence in the community continuing through the week. For individuals wishing to make anonymous tips related to the incident, one may also call: 415-575-4444.

Lead: Bayview Captain Maron (SFPD) Bayview Station - 415-671-2300) email:

Street Violence Response

SFPD and the Street Violence Intervention Program (SVIP) will remain active and visible for the foreseeable future in the neighborhood. We want to ensure the community has the support needed to peacefully respond to this tragedy. Support for street violence concerns can be made directly to Arturo Cabrillo (cc:d here), whose team will continue to walk the community with tremendous competence and care. Enforcement requests, including reporting any suspicious activity or awareness of firearms can be made anonymously to the following number 415-553-0123 or 911. Captain Maron (cc:d here) also remains available for feedback and requests.


Relocation and Housing Stabilization Support

For concerns regarding lease-up and/or relocation, including trauma/healing support needed for services providers engaging in this work, please work closely with Kendra Crawford (SFHA) 415-715-3133 or Shanti 415-852-1525.


Collective Impact and Mayoral Communications

Through HOPE SF, we have an extraordinary and dedicated group of department heads, community-based organizations, and resident leaders committed to stewarding Potrero through its transformation. Many individuals have reached out to us directly to offer institutional and community-level support, if appropriate, to families during this time. If you have any specific requests of us or ideas for our collective impact in this context, please contact our Director of Community Life & Development, Marquez Gray ( We look forward to bringing our partners together. Mayoral briefings and updates related to this tragedy will be handled by her senior advisor James Caldwell (

Uzuri Pease-Greene
Pronouns: She/Her
Executive Director, Community Awareness Resource Entity (C.A.R.E.)

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