February 4, 2023

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Honoring Veterans From the Office of Charles D. Sharp, Black Emergency Managers Association
November 11, 2021


“Our lives are not our own. We are bound to others, past and present, and by each crime and every kindness, we birth our future.”  David Mitchell, Cloud Atlas


Like those in your neighborhood that you grew up in that have been stuck in time, many veterans may be stuck in a period of time when we served or some trauma after service, and are encountering moments of some clarity and much frustration in adjusting to civilian life after major conflicts, wars, and peace when discharged or retired.


Many are suffering and recovering with lack of housing, medication, financial hardship, physical and mental health complications that takes a toll. 


Many avoid the ‘red tape’ of the system and by choice avoid any structured system in their recovery to stay off the grid


“l’ll take my chances on the street.”


Help a veteran, help others in your community in recovery experiencing the endpoint, homelessness.



Chair\CEO BEMA International


We took care of each when we served, and it continued as we grew outside of our military service.  Then to now.

We got the job done.


No photo description available.

2003. Bottom:  A member of the their community

Top left to right:  Rodney (Rod) Walker, Willie (Nick) Johnson, Charles (Chuck) Sharp                 


The Planner

The Action

                                  Interchangeable when the need arose.

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Nov 11, 2021


An encampment of tents with American flags in Los Angeles, photo by Bethany/Adobe Stock

An encampment of tents with American flags in Los Angeles. Photo by Bethany/Adobe Stock





Spencer Milo works on his balance during a physical therapy session at the Marcus Institute for Brain Health at the University of Colorado

Spencer Milo works on his balance during a physical therapy session at the Marcus Institute for Brain Health at the University of Colorado. Photo courtesy of Spencer Milo



Better Care for Veterans with 'Invisible Wounds'

Millions of American service members came home from Iraq or Afghanistan with brain injuries, PTSD, and other invisible wounds of war. Some received excellent care; others received no care at all. In a recent study, RAND researchers examined programs that treat veterans who have these injuries, assessed what worked and what didn't, and proposed a new standard of care. This could help ensure that more wounded veterans have the best possible chance at recovery. Read more »


A military officer talks with a young woman in recruitment office

Photo by SDI Productions/Getty Images



Veterans Need More Support When Transitioning to Civilian Jobs

Veterans' earnings after leaving the military were frequently lower than their active-duty earnings. That's according to a new RAND study. The authors examined more than 1 million records of veterans' employment and earnings following separation from the military. The findings suggest that more support may be needed to help service members build marketable career skills and transition into the civilian workforce. Read more »


Jonathan Wong and Joslyn Fleming at RAND's Santa Monica headquarters in September 2021

Jonathan Wong and Joslyn Fleming at RAND's Santa Monica headquarters in September 2021. Photo by Diane Baldwin/RAND Corporation



A Tradition of Service: Q&A with Two Veterans

Before they became RAND researchers, Jonathan Wong and Joslyn Fleming were U.S. Marines. In a new Q&A, they discuss their time in uniform, what inspired them to become Marines and—later—researchers, and how their military service guides the work they do at RAND. “Once a Marine, always a Marine,” said Fleming. “I still feel this overwhelming commitment to get it right for those Marines and other service members, to always remember whom these policies are going to impact.” Read more »



Diversity, equity, and inclusion at RAND

Reshaping Our Vision for the Future

We're working hard to strengthen diversity, equity, and inclusion at RAND. Our efforts focus on fostering culture and community, growing diverse and inclusive teams, and advancing equity through our research.

Read more »


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Charles D. Sharp


Black Emergency Managers Association International

We Support the GC


    Cornell University Climate Fellow

    Deputy Chair, Global Health Security Agenda Consortium           

Washington, D.C.  20020

bEMA International

Cooperation, Collaboration, Communication, Coordination, Community engagement, and  Partnering (C5&P)


A 501 (c) 3 organization

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