January 24, 2022

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Oakland Black Foodie Tour Beginning January 8, 2022
January 8, 2022



​This tour is about more than just the Oakland you see on the news 😉

​In this hybrid mobile-walking tour, we'll peruse different neighborhoods in the town, traveling from downtown to West, and then North Oakland, exploring the physical and social locations of landmarks in the Black community. 

​You'll have the opportunity to appreciate locals and businesses and the food, art, sights and relationships they have built over decades in partnership with community members, local government and developers.  Along the way we'll visit some of the foundational Black businesses in Oakland and have the opportunity to sample some tasty bites before ending in Old Oakland

​By the end of this tour you'll have explored more than 100 years of Oakland history, spanning from the Renaissance of the 1960s to the hyphy movement of the 2000s and beyond!

What's included when you book a spot on the tour:

  • ​3 hour walking/ mobile tour (we will start on a passenger bus and transition to walking during parts of the trip)

  • ​admission into the "Women of the Black Panther Party" museum 

  • ​swag bag + refreshments

  • ​Lunch + more bites from local, Black-owned food/ business offerings

  • ​Tour guide sharing cultural and historical gems 

  • ​Fun conversation with other Bay Area locals 

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