January 20, 2021

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Joe Biden Endorsed by New Hampshire Union Leader Newspaper-Commentary by San Francisco Independent Writer By Anh Lę
October 25, 2020

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The New Hampshire Union Leader Endorses Joe Biden: Returning Respect to the White House

By Anh Lę


The New Hampshire Union Leader, the largest circulation newspaper in New Hampshire, printed in its October 25th issue its endorsement of Vice President Joe Biden for President of the United States.

This is the first time in 100 years that the New Hampshire Union Leader has endorsed a Democratic Party nominee for President.

I and millions of Americans commend the New Hampshire Union Leader for its bold endorsement of Joe Biden for President.

We the American people and our great nation deserve the leadership and experience of Vice President Biden to right the ship of state, and to bring decency and integrity back to the White House.

As our next President, Joe Biden will govern with vision for our country, with strength of his moral compass, his commitment to the American people , and his belief in the ideals and values of our democratic system of government.

Joe Biden has clearly shown his understanding of the American people and their families, and possesses genuine human empathy and compassion.

President Biden will be President for all the American people.

Our next Vice President, Senator Kamala Harris, will also provide the strong leadership and vision that our country needs, and she and President Biden will help to usher in a new era that We the American People can be proud of.

The New Hampshire Union Leader has a special historic place in this presidential election.

The future of the American people is at stake.  The outcome of this election affects the future of our families, our children and grandchildren, and many generations to come.

We the American people declare loudly and clearly:

This presidential election is for the soul of our deeply beloved nation.

It will not be a surprise if Joe Biden and Kamala Harris win this election by a landslide.

It will be a victory for us, We the American People.

Anh Lę is an independent journalist.


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