October 26, 2016

Community Service

is the cornerstone of

Wright Enterprises


Support San Francisco Bayview Newspaper
In an October 11th E-newsletter Wright Enterprises joined with Johnnie Burrell of International Media TV to promote the value of the San Francisco Bayview Newspaper that has been a voice to the voiceless including thousands that are incarcerated. See Burrell's video and see W.E. past support of the SF Bayview Newspaper that champions the causes of those ignored by corporate media.

SF National Coalition of 100 Black Women & League of Women Voters Unite 10-26-16
The Office of Dr. Maxine Hickman, President of the National Coalition of 100 Black Women Join with the San San Francisco League of Women Voters for a Candidates Meet and Greet, October 26th in San Francisco.

Lorraine Hansberry Theatre's Season Tickets & Acclaimed "Black Lives Matter"-inspired"Every 28 Seconds"
From "Black Lives Matter" inspired "Every 28 Seconds" to "Soulful Christmas," "Native Son" and more check out your passport to inspiration!

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