December 5, 2016

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Z News for "Zee" Holidays and More in Oakland!
Z Hotel in Jack London Square Rebrand marks one of the fun places you can visit in Oakland! New Museum exhibit, holiday fun and more are just a few reasons Frances Wong and Allie Neal of "Visit Oakland" say" Come on Over to Visit Oakland!"

CA State Senator Mark Leno Among Leaders Celebrating Medi Cal 50 Years of Service
Wright Enterprises posts San Francisco free lance writer, Anh Lee's report on the 50th Celebration of Medi Cal at Zuckerberg SF General Hospital. State Senator Mark Leno, a long time advocate of the program was on hand to mark the milestone.

San Francisco NAACP Dishonors Legacy /Elihu Harris Barbara Lee Lecture Series Celebrates Rosa Parks Defense Lawyer
The NAACP has a too important role to be languishing in moral ambivalence especially in such a time as this. Inspired by the Dream of Dr. Martin Luther King Jr., who was fueled by the strategy of non-violence taught and executed by Mahatma Gandhi, Jackie Wright of Wright Enterprises, having just visited the home of Gandhi in Durban, South Africa, brings attention to the San Francisco Chapter's blind eye to the ills of Wells Fargo Bank and its role in the divesture of generational wealth of millions of minority homeowners as it made billions of dollars in profits during the foreclosure crisis. Honoring one of Wells Fargo's executives without reference to the corporate giant that has crushed so many families is one thing, but to honor the executive under the moniker of Wells Fargo Bank is a travesty and a dishonor to the people the NAACP is supposed to serve. "Right is right and right don't wrong, nobody," says Wright speaking truth to power.

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