March 27, 2015

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The White House Commemorates Selma to Montgomery March
The First Family was among those that commemorated the "Selma to Montgomery March." See repost from the White House with President Barack Obama's Speech.

SF Filmmaker Jacquie Taliaferro Fights for 50 Year Old Home in San Francisco, Another Property Made Unaffordable in the City
Wright Enterprises posts Jacquie Taliaferro's story of yet another home robbed from a Black Family and turned into Unaffordable Housing, where the City of San Francisco continues it's glutinous building of luxury housing, leaving the person on a teacher's salary, police and fire salary forced to move elsewhere. Oakland Mayor Libby Schaaf says San Francisco investors should build their San Francisco affordable housing building requirements in Oakland. Go Figure!

A Dream Deferred-Taliaferro's , Media Martyr Chauncey Bailey's, Yours, Ours-Can They be Resurrected?
Langston's Hughes "A Dream Deferred," what does it have to do with foreclosures? Jackie Wright of Wright Enterprises writes of San Francisco Artist's dream of a film facility. One dream deferred causes others to be deferred as well. Media Martyr Chauncey Bailey was one person affected by the challenges that San Francisco Filmmaker, Jacquie Taliaferro faced.

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