August 21, 2018

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California Black Chamber of Commerce Ron Brown Business and Economic Summit Women's Sumposium
Check out the agenda for this 2018 empowering symposium August 23rd through August 26th culminating with a youth summit.

Silicon Valley News
Get the latest information from the Telecom Council. Find out what you missed and what's coming up! Get your calendar ready.

Remembering Aretha, Barack Obama & The World, Crazy Rich Asians #1 Box Office Film & Other Entertainment News
The iconic presence of Queen of Soul Aretha Franklin is acknowledged by fans from around the world. From her elegant presence at the Obama White House to the jails of Detroit, Aretha Franklin made a striking clarion sound that the world will long note. From President Obama in the United States to South Africa to front page headlines from around the world, love for Queen Aretha pours forth with much rhyme and reason and will not missed a beat. Wright Enterprises Community Spotlight Aretha Franklin Tribute and other news was originally posted Friday, August 17, 2018.

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The Greatest Message of All Time