November 26, 2014
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"The Cornerstone of Wright Enterprises is Community Service.
A strong community yields a good environment for business and pleasure.
Community well-being and productivity go hand in hand.


With all due respect to President Barack Obama, "Yes, W.E. Can!"
has been a trademark of Wright Enterprises since 1997,long before the 2008 election.

Panik-demonium @ Macy's with SF Giants' Joe Panik
San Francisco, CA  - November 4, 2014-The Thrill of victory continues to play out in San Francisco as the World Series San Francisco Giants are lauded by all.  This past Saturday, Giants second baseman, Joe Panik, handled the throngs at Macy's Men Store as handily and humbly as he did the double play.  As promised the story from Johnnie Burrell's International Media TV and Jackie Wright, Wright Enterprises.
San Francisco Giants second-baseman Joe Panik!
San Francisco Giants second-baseman Joe Panik!
Actor, Producer, Humanitarian Danny Glover Speaks Out for Seniors With CCH
Glover Final Final
Danny Glover Speaks Out for Seniors
The Glover video was written, produced and narrated by Jackie Wright of Wright Enterprises.  Editor, Joe Frazier of CCH.  Special thanks to community leader Carol Tatum, CEO Don Stump and all the staff of CCH.
Two Years before Ferguson, Mo hit the headlines, Bay Area Law Enforcement Officer and Artist, Jinho "The Piper" Ferreira of Flipsyde wrote "Cops and Robbers," a 17-character one man show that seems to dramatically mirror the spin of Ferguson.
"Cops and Robbers" written and performed by Jinho "The Piper" Ferreira gives an unvarnished look at violence in America, yet it calls for hope through personal responsibility and action, as seen in his Single "Believe."
Flipsyde - Believe  by Piper law enforcement officer, Rapper, writer and perfumer of

Democratic Leader Nancy Pelosi Speaks with Media
at SF Chapter of the National Coalition of 100 Black Women


Media Relations by Wright Enterprises
Danny Glover speaks with Nick Smith, Janelle Wang on ABC 7's View From the Bay
(photo by Jackie Wright 1-14-10)

  "I am a Haitian at Heart,"  said Glover quoting Frederick Douglass.    Click  this link or the image to see the interview.  "Soundtrack for A Revolution Oscar Nomination Hopeful Celebration" a benefit for the NAACP organized with two weeks lead time presented by LaHitz Media and Wright Enterprises at Third Baptist Church in San Francisco, was redirected to also assist Haitian relief efforts.

Glover all so spoke with ABC 7's Reporter, Don Sanchez. Clink this link to see the news report.  Speaking of the Obama Administration: "Let me go out on a limb and say this administration will be defined by how it treats Haiti," Danny Glover.

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AT&T Gives Back to San Francisco Schools.

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