August 27, 2016

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W.E. Profiles "Deep Throat Arkansas Sound of Mz. Su Mac Ya'll"
Love yourself some blues? Well you're going to be head over hills in love with Mz. Su Mac. W.E., Wright Enterprises gives you the spotlight on where you can hear some "I been around the world and learned a thing or two blues" from Mz Su Mac, the daughter of the Macdaddy of Blues himself, Mr. Craig Horton!!! Check out Mz Su Mac at Angelica's in Redwood City, September 8th at 7:30 p.m.

"Adocates for Justice" Co-Founder, Jacq Wilson, Call for Action to Take Stand With Youth Hit by Angry Teacher
Attorney Jacq Wilson of San Francisco, co-founder of "Advocates for Justice" with his brother Jacque Wilson, an attorney in the San Francisco Public Defender Office, brings to the forefront yet another case of abuse of children by officials of the Modesto City Schools, where the Wilson twins were educated. A meeting is called for Monday, August 15th in Modesto. Jacq Wilson recently participated as a panelist at the San Francisco Black Film Festival's Racial Profiling and Implicit Bias Panel held at Congregation Emanu-El. The panel was sponsored in part by the Unity Group of Congregation Emanu-El. Wilson shared some of the problems that "Advocates for Justice" had encountered. Johnnie Burrell of International Media videotaped the event and edited a short and long version of "Racial Profiling & Implicit Bias:" Links to the video are included in the posting provided courtesy of Jacq Wilson.

From Office of Deloris McGee: Successful Black CEO of Atlanta Beats Childhood Trauma
Former San Francisco Activist and Community Leader, Deloris McGee, now residing in her home state of Mississippi, shares the valiant victory of Black Businessman C. David Moody Jr. of Atlanta, who fought for his mental well-being while running a very successful company. McGee says his story shows the need for self-care including mental health and that resources like the National Alliance on Mental Illness should be supported and sought out by the Black community. As an side, two key leaders in that effort of bringing awareness of NAMI to the Black community are Community Health Advocate, LaVaughn King and Kelly Armstrong, the founder of "Primed and Prepped" that helps young people find a path to prosperity through the culinary and hospitality industry. Deloris, thanks for sharing with Wright Enterprises.

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