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Veterans Day is Veterans Life for Many Military Families
November 11, 2020

Posted Courtesy of Wright Enterprises Community Spotlight~~~

SAN FRANCISCO - Nov. 11, 2020 - PRLog -- Posted Courtesy of Wright Enterprises Community Spotlight....

Veterans Day is Veterans Life for many military families especially those that have experienced the death of a soldier during war.  Wright Enterprises President, Jackie Wright has captured that reality in a short documentary, "Love Separated in Life…Love Reunited in Honor."

"Via the film I expressed the reality that military service cannot be defined by two days out of the year, Veterans Day and Memorial Day.  I am thankful and I appreciate the recognition, yet as the daughter of a Fallen Vietnam War Hero, who had to fight for his existence in the military and the country he served, 'Love Separated in Life…Love Reunited in Honor' epitomizes the truth of life-long and even generational sacrifice that comes with military service," said Jackie Wright, Wright Enterprises President.

The Wright Family Story of Sp5 Wyley Wright Jr. and "the love of his life" Ouida Fay Wright is found in some of the various postings.

Matt Soergel's Florida Times-Union/msoergel@jacksonville.com


Love Separated in Life...Love Reunited in Honor" Trailer: https://vimeo.com/236990657

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San Diego Black Film Festival

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Love Story at Arlington by Jackie Wright


Clifford Davis Florida Times-Union:


Veterans Don't Serve Alone by Jackie Wright


"Love Separated in Life...Love Reunited In Honor" includes Houston native, George Moll, a White solider who served with Sp5 Wyley Wright Jr. in Vietnam while Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. and other civil rights leaders battled for justice and equality for Black people. Moll was honored by Houston Mayor Sylvester Turner in February 2019 for his 2014 tribute to Sp5 Wyley Wright Jr. at Arlington National Cemetery.

Vietnam Veteran George Moll Receives Houston Honor
Vietnam Veteran George Moll Receives
City of Houston Honor from Mayor Sylvester Turner February 22, 2019.

Underscoring the multicultural fabric of the film are Ginger Shannon Young, the widow of Lt. Kenneth A.  Shannon (honored with Wright in the naming of the 114th Aviation Company base as the Shannon-Wright Compound) and the family of Vietnamese artist Quang Van Phat, who was commissioned by Sp5 Wright to make his eleventh anniversary gifts for wife, Ouida.

Diana Moll, George Moll, Ginger Shannon Young at Wright Family Reception at Marriott Residence Inn in Arlington, VA 
Following Arlington National Cemetery Burial of  Sp5 Wyley and Ouida Wright March 10, 2014. (Photo: Andre Ray Thompson/Ray Caling)

(Quang Thi Anh Dao, retired photographer, daughter of Quang Van Phat, Phyllis, Mrs. Quang, widow of Quang Van Phat andJackie stand in front of family altar in honor of Mr. Quang, who hand painted the photographs of Sp5 Wyley Wright Jr. and Ouida F. Wright for their 11th wedding anniversary. Photo taken in Vinh Long, Vietnam Father's Day Week June 2015.)

Wright's 15-minute film is available for presentations for discussions around race relations, family traditions, discovering family history and leadership.   Contact Jackie Wright at Lovereunited2014@gmail.com or 415 525 0410 for screening opportunities and more information.


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