August 8, 2020

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San Francisco Bay Area Based Dr. Michael Lenoir Launches "Black Doctors Speak"
July 9, 2020

Posted Courtesy of Wright Enterprises Community Spotlight

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Health disparities for minorities have always existed, and he has been working to address these for decades; most recently through Black Doctors Speak - - an extension of the African American Wellness Project.

Black Doctors Speak is a new communication initiative built for us, by us. With instant accessibility on Social Media and the flagship Black Doctors Speak Podcast, we are aiming to educate, inspire, and advocate for an underrepresented African American community. Headlined by Dr. LeNoir, the Black Doctors Speak Podcast will focus on the healthcare issues that affect our community, while providing special guest commentary, and action steps to help us heal.

This initiative is timely, relevant and needed, especially in light of todays health challenges that disproportionately affect minorities. Stay tuned for all that is to come and in the meantime, join the conversation on social media [links] and look out for the Black Doctors Speak Podcast launching on July 9th.



Instagram:   @BlackDoctorsSpeak 

Facebook:    @BlackDoctorsSpeak 

LinkedIn:      @Black Doctors Speak 

Twitter:         @BlackDocsSpeak




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