September 23, 2023

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Ch-Ch-Ch-Changes...W.E. Enterprises Community Spotlight shares transitions at Long Now Foundation
May 15, 2023

News from Long Now Foundation Board of Directors Posted Courtesy of Wright Enterprises Community Spotlight San Francisco~Dallas

The Long Now Foundation
Friends of Long Now, 
With tremendous gratitude, the Board of Directors of The Long Now Foundation announces that Alexander Rose will be stepping down from his role as Executive Director after 26 years of service to focus on The Clock of the Long Now, along with his research into the world’s longest-lived organizations. He will continue to serve on our Board of Directors. 
Several years ago, Alexander began a study of institutions that have stood the test of time, in hopes that their lessons would help Long Now survive and thrive in the coming centuries and millennia. Early research made it clear that the first generational transition is the most challenging one and that remarkable institutions dedicate themselves to wisely stewarding the next generation of leadership. Long Now is proud to be an organization that lives its values as we hand the reins to the next generation.
“I have spent more than half my life working on a series of projects that in any other context would seem impossible. Long Now is ready for a new generation, and I am excited for our next quarter century.”  — Alexander Rose
With great optimism, we launch our search for Long Now’s next Executive Director, who will help steward the organization into its second quarter century with future centuries and millennia in mind. We are seeking a visionary leader and an unusually bold thinker ready to build an audacious, resilient, diverse, intergenerational, curious, awe-inspiring organization with us. You can help by spreading the word.
Under Alexander’s leadership, Long Now spent its first quarter century building an institution capable of supporting the kinds of projects that inspire people to imagine a future in which long-term thinking and responsible stewardship are the rule, not the exception. He will continue his work on The Clock of the Long Now, a mythic monument designed to keep time for the next 10,000 years from deep inside a mountain. We also take this moment to celebrate the other projects Alexander served as catalyst or steward for as Long Now’s founding Executive Director — 
The Rosetta Project, a global collaboration of language specialists and native speakers, which Alexander shepherded through two directors, dozens of prototypes, and a rocket launch. The Rosetta Disk artifacts preserve an archive of 1,500 human languages; one disk is nestled on Comet 67P which orbits around the sun, one in the Smithsonian, and others are small enough to wear as pendants.

Long Now Talks, a renowned live event series whose podcasts and videos have over 100,000 subscribers and millions of global viewers. And the Long Now membership program, which centers long-term thinking in the day-to-day lives of over 12,000 members from more than 60 countries. 

The Interval, Long Now’s acclaimed cafe, museum, and bar, is frequently ranked among the best bars in San Francisco. Inspired in part by how many long-lived institutions were public houses, Alexander conceived and designed this physical space for the long-term thinking community to gather in.

Together these have turned Long Now into a growing movement of people from all over the world dedicated to fostering long term thinking and responsibility.
Alexander’s vision, care, and hard work leaves Long Now with a bright future ahead. Our mission remains unchanged: to foster long-term thinking and to preserve possibilities for the future. Today, Long Now is in great hands, supported by an incredible leadership team, including our Co-Founders Stewart Brand, Brian Eno, and Danny Hillis, Board Co-Chairs Katherine Fulton and Kevin Kelly and our entire Board of Directors, and our Interim Executive Director & COO Rebecca Lendl.
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